Welcome to Digital Humanities @ Carleton College. This blog is maintained and updated by Carleton’s student Digital Humanities Associates. Digital Humanities (DH) at Carleton, like the field itself, is ever-evolving and changing. The student at the DHA program provides opportunities for students to work with faculty members on projects that make use of digital technology.

The goals of this blog are as follows:                                                                                                                                                                    serve as an internal publication designed to inform the greater Carleton community; serve as an external resource for anyone interested in the exciting field that is DH.

You will find examples of previous projects we have completed, updates about our current work, as well as ways to get in touch with us.


DH is surprisingly challenging to visualize. Perhaps that is why a Google image search for “Digital Humanities” brings up mostly word clouds. This image (taken from a post on the Getty Museum’s blog) provides an interesting way to think about DH. It does a fantastic job of highlighting some of the critical elements of DH. It also justifies the importance of investing in DH today. Digital Humanities strives to be creative. DH challenges traditional conceptions of the humanities by reaching across disciplines. In this way, it is collaborativerisk-embracing, and multidisciplinary. Furthermore, DH shrinks traditional spatial boundaries, creating a wonderfully cross-cultural environment.