Henry’s Introduction

Hello! I’m Henry, a sophomore from Minneapolis, MN. Here at Carleton, I’m interested in computer science, cognitive science and economics/public policy. This is my first year as part of the DHA team, and I’m excited to start getting involved in some Digital Humanities projects. While I love the theoretical/technical side of computer science, using these techniques as tools to build interesting projects has always been more rewarding for me than just theory alone. I’m hoping in my role as a DHA, I will have the opportunity to apply my formal knowledge and experience in web design and app building to projects across Carleton’s humanities disciplines. 

headshot of Henry

I’m interested in the process of distilling large amounts of information into digestible analysis. This year, I’m hoping to learn more about how to do this well with digital tools. I’m also interested in learning more about visual storytelling with maps and other interactive web-based experiences.

Outside of school, I love playing music and spending time outside. On campus, I’m a board member for KRLX (our student-run radio station), a software developer on DataSquad, I live in Carleton’s Outdoors House (Wade house), and I can often be found in the climbing gym, exploring the Arb (by ski or foot), or plotting overly complex pranks on my friends. 

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