(Re)introduction of Kevin Bui

My name is Thien M. Bui and I am a Junior CS / Mathematics major at the school. Due to some pronunciation complications, I often go by Kevin which is what most of you *probably* would’ve known me by. I worked as a DHA last year, doing basic Python scripts and WP template maintenance for various departments, and I hope to continually be of use as one of the few resident CS major in the program!

Outside of DHA, I hope to spend more time with the seniors in the townhouse area this year (ALL THE HOUSES HAVE THEIR OWN CULTURE). Because of Covid, I took a gap after freshman year so this will be the last chance I’ll get to kick it with the folks I came into Carleton with. Here’s a cool pic of the area!

Lawn area next to Owens (where I live ;D)

Lastly, since I couldn’t make it to the accessibility training, I’ll instead be talking about Sofia Noble and Algorithm of Oppression instead. Last year, we got lucky and somehow managed to invite her over for our Day of DH where she kind of went ham on how search engine algorithms are marginalizing certain groups (e.g. searching for “black girl” on Google used to return a lot of pornographic materials). She goes into a lot of details in her book on how the problems in a wide range of use cases, and also possible solutions to remedy them. That was a fascinating talk, and I would wholeheartedly recommend everybody interested in AI to give the book a read!

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Abdullah (Re)Introduction and Aims

Hello, I am Abdullah. I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I am a rising sophomore this year. I spent my last year working as a DHA. The main work that I did was with Map Archival where I archived maps of different places and cataloged them, added their descriptions, and posted them on their respective websites. My last year’s experience was really productive, relaxing, and at the same time, positively challenging. The work made me try new things which I may not have tried otherwise.

This year, I am aiming to keep up that trend and also try more technical aspects of DHA which will help me develop my skills. I am hopeful that the experience will be up to my expectations and just as great if not more wonderful than the last year.

Coming to the photographs that I have taken on campus, I have such a big collection of them. I like walking around campus and taking photographs. I am sharing two of them here since I want to learn more about both of these things albeit in different respects.

These are the two pictures that I have thought about lately.

(I wrote this post and forgot to publish it)

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