Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities Conference

The call for proposals is open for this year’s UNRH conference. Here’s what they have on their About page:

UNRH is a network founded by and for undergraduates in order to reimagine the undergraduate role in innovative humanities research. We aim to aggregate, present, and promote student research that questions the methods of traditional humanities research. We further hope to establish a sustainable network of digital scholarship through which students might question and break down leading models of teaching & learning in order to reclaim student agency.

This conference addresses these goals in three ways:

  • We provide a physical platform for the submission, peer reviewed selection, and presentation of projects alone or in collaboration.

  • We engage in workshops, in order to develop skills for professional development, whether that be within academia or outside of it.

  • We gather for ‘design thinking’ sessions with the purpose of drawing out the problems in the current undergraduate research model in order to create actionable solutions

If you’re interested in submitting a proposal, they’re due September 20th, so right around the corner. (DHAs, chat with me about your ideas for this if you’re interested in presenting as part of your DHA work.)