New Territory for Us: Live multimedia performance

By Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France - Lingling Yu au pipa en concert (musée Guimet, Paris), CC BY 2.0,
By Jean-Pierre Dalbéra via wikimedia commons

Gao Hong, renowned Pipa composer and performer, has a vision for melding live music with a pre-produced video so that the mix of performance media corresponds with her idea of “Chinglish.” To her, Chinglish is the mixing, clashing, and melding of Chinese and English, and she wants the performance to tell this story in both form and content.

It’s an ambitious project that will be built over several months and by many people, but for us in the DHA program it’s our first foray into helping develop an itemized budget for a grant proposal. We aren’t quite sure what equipment and software will be needed to pull this off, so as usual we’ll start with lots of research. Plenty of people on campus have experience with one piece or another of this type of a project, but we really need to collect all this disparate knowledge and put it to use to make very concrete choices about exactly what to ask for in a grant proposal.

So far we have a few things in place: a looping pedal, access to standard video and audio editing software and hardware, the pipa, and of course the performer. We have a few things we know we’ll need: a pickup mic, a small mixing board for her to use while performing, an external hard drive. But what else? Has anyone pulled together a project like this? Have an equipment list handy?