Tonushree’s Introduction

Hello! My name is Tonushree and I’m a senior from Mumbai, India. I am majoring in Cognitive Science with a Digital Arts and Humanities minor. When I’m not studying/working, I love creating art, exploring various nooks and crannies of campus and Northfield with my friends, and getting coffee with someone different every week to keep me on my toes. I also enjoy acting in Carleton productions. Apart from being a Digital Humanities Associate, I am also a Costume Shop Assistant at the Theater and Dance department and an Office Assistant for the Psych and Cog-Sci department!

Here is a picture of me soaking up the sun during my study abroad, Studio Art in the South Pacific
Here is a picture of me soaking up the sun during my study abroad, Studio Art in the South Pacific 🙂

I thrive in settings of interdisciplinarity, where a project, theory, or concept needs to be understood from several different lenses, be it philosophical, sociological, economical, linguistic, or digital to name a few. I’m excited by the fact that being a DHA gives me the opportunity to simultaneously dabble in multiple humanities classes and work on or observe the digitization of their projects. I would love to further my interests in art, storytelling and creative visualization by learning how to turn them into digital projects during my time as a DHA!

Henry’s Introduction

Hello! I’m Henry, a sophomore from Minneapolis, MN. Here at Carleton, I’m interested in computer science, cognitive science and economics/public policy. This is my first year as part of the DHA team, and I’m excited to start getting involved in some Digital Humanities projects. While I love the theoretical/technical side of computer science, using these techniques as tools to build interesting projects has always been more rewarding for me than just theory alone. I’m hoping in my role as a DHA, I will have the opportunity to apply my formal knowledge and experience in web design and app building to projects across Carleton’s humanities disciplines. 

headshot of Henry

I’m interested in the process of distilling large amounts of information into digestible analysis. This year, I’m hoping to learn more about how to do this well with digital tools. I’m also interested in learning more about visual storytelling with maps and other interactive web-based experiences.

Outside of school, I love playing music and spending time outside. On campus, I’m a board member for KRLX (our student-run radio station), a software developer on DataSquad, I live in Carleton’s Outdoors House (Wade house), and I can often be found in the climbing gym, exploring the Arb (by ski or foot), or plotting overly complex pranks on my friends. 

Cynthia’s Introduction


My name is Cynthia Leng and I am a junior Statistics major from Beijing, China. This is my first year working as a Digital Humanities Associate (DHA), and I am really excited about the interesting projects I will be working on.

I got interested in digital humanities when I started working with the Carleton Archives. My role in the Carleton in China project introduced me to digital tools and content management systems, and I am eager to learn more about them as a DHA.

In my free time, I sing with the Carleton Choir and a Chinese a cappella group. I also enjoy traveling, watching movies, and playing badminton with my friends.

I love watching sunsets.

Thanks for reading about me!

Erin’s Introduction

My favorite part of Carleton is that there’s plenty of space to follow curiosity – no matter what discipline the topic falls into. I’m excited to work as a Digital Humanities Associate this year because I love helping other people bring their curiosity to life. Selfishly, I also get to see more cool projects.

As an example, last Spring I began working as a DHA, and I worked on the 3D model viewer for CARCAS, which is an archaeology department project to display high quality scans of bones. The best moment of that project was showing Sarah, the faculty member leading the project, that the mobile version of the site lets you virtually put the bones on real world surfaces around you using your phone camera. She was delighted! I’m so proud that I was part of what made that moment happen, and I’m looking forward to more moments like that this year.

The author appears to be holding a goat skull, which is actually the AR component of the CARCAS model viewer.
Here I am, holding a goat skull! In reality, nothing was in my hands; this is a feature of the mobile version of the CARCAS model viewer that I worked on last spring. Photograph by Cynthia Leng.

A little bit more about me – I’m a senior, and I’m a math major and digital arts and humanities minor. I love all angles of math, from the beauty and symmetry of abstract math to the nitty gritty computational considerations of working with real data. I also keep coming back to maps across a variety of academic fields, from medieval maps to storytelling maps made in the present day.

I’m looking forward to a great year working as a DHA!

Reflections on Liberal Arts and Sample Site

“You can know something about everything,” These were my thoughts when I was applying to Carleton. The idea of Liberal Arts really fascinated me. I am the kind of person who tries to know at least something about everything. I think Liberal Arts are really important and I am very happy that I was able to do a small part in promoting them.

This term I worked on making an Omeka Sample Site that serves two functions: 1) Provide a sample site to Carleton students and community and; 2) Provide some basic information about liberal arts. The site can be accessed here. This site was also added to reclaim’s EdTech resource list:

The website can be accessed by students who aim to work on their own Omeka projects in future. The main page of the website looks like this:

I think Liberal Arts are important and help the students in becoming critical thinkers and solve novel problems. With the increasing influence of technology, it is important we add these technological advancements in our humanistic, literary and scientific studies. I really enjoyed working on this project and I hope this is helpful for students as well.