Miyuki’s End of Term Reflection

It was my second fall term as a DHA at Carleton. During the first half of the term, I spend my time working together with other new DHAs to instruct them how to navigate WordPress sites. As it was the beginning of the term, we also worked on cleaning up outdated information and link within the DH domains. Because there was a huge site migration from old sites to other ones during the summer, we also checked the broken links using a link checker page by page.

During the second half of the term, working with Grace and Frank, I mainly helped the HIST116 project with creating and setting a WordPress site. I started with customizing the site appearance including its color scheme, font, and so on. I especially enjoyed deciding on colors, because depending on colors, the site’s impression could change completely. Regarding the site structure, we decided to use pages instead of posts to put content created by students. Because the professor wanted the site sorted by just a theme of content–not by a category–we thought pages would work better by attributing each page to a parental page linked to one theme.

For the next term, I’m looking forward to collaborating with other DHAs and exploring new tools!

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