Zobeida’s Introduction

Hello! My name is Zobeida Chaffee, and I am a senior History Major taking minors in Archaeology and Medieval and Renaissance Studies. This will be my second year as a DHA, and I am eager to continue to develop my skills in this field, so that I can one day apply them to my life after Carleton, as well as to my coursework. I find that Digital Humanities can be invaluable in the field of historical preservation, as well as in education. By digitizing and 3D modeling artifacts and historical records, we can make history more accessible to the public, while simultaneously preserving it for generations to come. These websites can also offer creative learning tools, and resources for teachers. In this digital age, it’s important to be able to reach the public on all platforms.

When I’m not working on my coursework or attempting to make progress on my comps, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, creative writing, and reading murder mysteries.