The End of the Beginning and #PreparingforInsightfulChallenges

I finished my first week of Digital Humanities training and it was really fascinating – the word that comes to mind is “insightful.” It was definitely not what I was expecting so far as I was expecting the focus to more be on concrete skills than discussion and mental exercises but this had no impact on my enjoyment of the training. From what I heard of how DH works, I decided upon this meme:

I am really excited and intrigued for what’s to come next and I am sure I will need to take on new skills and difficulties. These difficulties are bound to be fascinating and something I  learn from which is why my hashtag is #preparingforinsightfulchallenges.

Aaron’s Introduction

Hello my name is Aaron Young and I am a Senior History major with a minor in Arabic and Middle East studies. I am particularly drawn to history for its emphasis on storytelling and the analysis of how we tell these stories. I believe that the Digital Humanities are a unique way to showcase how we interact with stories. This is my first year working as a DHA and I am very excited to be able to challenge myself by learning new skills that will combine I can combine with my historical studies.

Outside of my role as a DHA and my academics, my hobbies including running, acting, and reading and watching movies.

You can also see the introduction at Digital Humanities @Carleton College page.