Introducing… Bard

13900097_10205740773433412_3525587915357198074_nHi, I’m Bard, and I hate writing introductions. When I was supposed to introduce myself as a freshman at Carleton on the Facebook page, I got so worried my introduction would sound like every other one that I wrote a sonnet instead. Since then I’ve found outlets for my interests in medieval history and literature, romance languages, early music and folk music, roleplaying games, programming, and theatre. I’m a Computer Science major and a Medieval and Renaissance Studies concentrator. I got excited about digital scholarship as the natural intersection of my disciplines. As a DHA I hope to learn new software and best practices for collaboration in digital scholarship so that I can apply them to research projects in grad school and beyond.

During this week’s training, I was surprised to learn just how much our group of student workers helps build websites. I was used to thinking of 3D printing and modeling or GIS (geographic information systems) as standard digital humanities projects, but at its simplest and most widely useful, our job is about making scholarship digital and widely accessible, and the way to do that is by making (good) websites. Time to actually learn some CSS.

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