“How to use Omeka” handouts

omekaTo help a class get up and running next term, I created a set of interlinked google docs to walk students through the process of getting started with Omeka.net, adding items, managing their collections, and creating exhibits. Then I realized that a slightly redacted version of these docs might be more generally useful, so I started with copies of the course-specific documents and took out or edited the parts that were aimed specifically at that course. And here’s the result:

Getting Started with Omeka

If you’re helping a class or a researcher get started, feel free to copy these and edit them to suit your needs!

For the professor, I also created a basic guide on how to add and manage student accounts on her site, and gave her a list of the plugins and configurations I’d set up. She’ll probably make changes, but at least there’s some documentation for her this first time she uses Omeka.

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