A Week of DHA Training

A meme for the first few days of training…

Meme of Patrick Star: "No Patrick...Digital Humanities is not an instrument."
Happily, if you’re on this site, you probably know this already.

A meme for digital humanities as a whole…

Meme of the Terrible Trivium (from the Phantom Tollbooth): "Digital Humanities: Converting data to an accessible digital format one grain of sand at a time."
Alternatively: Bringing obscure literary references to the wider internet.

And a hashtag for the training experience…


Long story short, it’s been a good week of training and I’m looking forward to getting into the work. One of the takeaways from this week has been that what we do is entirely dependent on what people (you people reading this blog!) need done, and I enjoy the challenge of the unknown like that. So, with that said, here we go!

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