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My name is Miyuki Mihira and I am a senior History major and Philosophy minor from Tokyo, Japan. This will be my 3rd year(!) to work as a Digital Humanities Associate. As a History major with a strong interest in Public History, I have learned and been involved in several historical digital projects. As the DH is still a growing and developing sector, I’m passionate about thinking about how digital tools can enrich humanities and achieve more inclusivity. 


One project I especially liked among the Carleton DH projects is Mapping Masquerades from 2012. This is a historical project, and the way in which it presents history was so eye-opening for me when I first came across it that it completely changed my definition of historical writing. Although it has a number of paragraphs, using a story map and a GIS mapping, the project makes historical writing (or historical presentation I would say) more interactive and easier for users with little background knowledge to better understand.

<The History of Digital Scholarship: Glass Animals>

On the Glass Animals website, I recognized that some of the file types such as “jpg” used in the dozens of file titles. This made me think that learning the history of digital scholarship helps us understand the continuities/discontinuities in the rapidly changing digital world. With this in mind, for example, I got an impression that the file types that appear on the website remain until today because they are important to sort files and for other reasons.

<Data Fuminism>

I found the reading, “Introduction to Why Data Science Needs Feminism,” very empowering. The reading highlights the importance of intersectionality when it comes to thinking about people’s diverse experiences in the world. Revealing the hidden inequalities by using data, we are able to reframe the reality and destabilize the world which have been made to work and look in a certain way by those with power–as if turning over an iceburg. 

Thank you for reading up to here, and I’m excited to be working as a DHA for one last year! 

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