Alief’s Introduction

Hi, my name is Alief, and I am a senior biology and math double major. As someone who has been involved with computational biology research, I am pretty familiar with big data and how to collect, process, analyze, and present them. Only after I took the Hacking the Humanities class, I realized that the same process could be applied to the humanities fields as well. Throughout the class, I learned different techniques of data processing and presentation to best address a humanities problem. For my final project, for example, my partner and I created an interactive timeline about the history of LGBTQ+ community at Carleton. As a result, now I am about to start the adventure of being a Digital Humanities Associate. Outside of class, my scientific research, and being a DHA, I am a choreographer and dancer for Experimental Dance Board, a board member at the badminton club, and an “active” participant at various other clubs. Although I don’t know yet what specific project(s) I will be assigned to during my time as a DHA, I am pretty excited to¬†excited to learning new DH techniques and applying them for research purposes!



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