Elizabeth’s Introduction

DHA Elizabeth admires a large wall map
DHA Elizabeth Budd

Hello! I’m Elizabeth, a senior history major at Carleton College and this will be my third year working as a Digital Humanities Associate. As a DHA, my work has frequently included mapping and the maintenance of Omeka sites. I find working at the intersection of the humanities and digital tools exciting because of the possibilities it offers for new kinds of questions and new types of research. Within digital humanities, I am particularly interested in spatial analysis, especially when placed in a historical context. My own research focuses primarily on poverty in late nineteenth-century London, and I hope to incorporate digital humanities (specifically mapping) into that research. Besides classes and DHA work, I am a board editor for Carleton’s Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies and enjoy reading, traveling, and doing Sudoku. One of my favorite digital projects is Charles Booth’s London, by the London School of Economics Library. I love the straightforward access to the digitized research notebooks and the geo-referenced poverty map that Booth is famous for. Go check it out!

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