Luna’s (Re-)Introduction

Hi! My name is Luna Yee and I’m now a junior Computer Science major (I plan to double major with Linguistics and minor in Cognitive Science). This is my second consecutive year as a Digital Humanities Associate; last year, I worked on typesetting in LaTeX for the Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies (UJHS), tutoring students in Omeka (in-person and via online tools) for the Global Religions in Minnesota class, and managing the back-end of our other student-content online publications—namely the Prairie Creek Wildlife Management (PCWM) Area Digital Collection and the Carleton Guide to Medieval Rome (CGMR; updated site coming soon!)—among other projects.

While in academics I mostly focus on the development side of the digital sphere—that is, computer programming and algorithmic studies and research—I find that working in the Digital Humanities offers a diverse and fulfilling scope in which to apply such tools. DH allows us to use digital technologies not only to study human histories, cultures, and conditions but also to spread such information to a wider audience.

Outside of the realm of digital work and studies, I fancy myself an avid reader and discerning fan of fiction in all media—even though I find myself rarely with enough time to consume the material—and have developed a penchant for writing over the course of the years. I also love music (that is, listening to music; it’s been quite some time since I actively played an instrument) and the study of music perception and cognition.

You can also see the introduction at Digital Humanities @Carleton College page.

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