Miyuki’s Introduction

Hi, my name is Miyuki, a sophomore and a potential History and Studio Art double major from Tokyo, Japan. This is my first year working as a Digital Humanities Associate. I am interested in the relationship between history and people/society, and I think that Digital Humanities enables us to find a variety of ways to interact with history and it encourages us to think of a better society. I am excited to push myself into this field and learn new digital skills to combine with my academic interests.

Besides the associate, I have been working on managing a blog to share experiences of studying abroad with Japanese students as a co-manager of students’ organization.

In my leisure time, I love drawing, painting, taking photographs, listening to music, and singing, and traveling. Besides, I belong to the Carleton Orchestra and play the viola.

You can also see the introduction at Digital Humanities @Carleton College page.

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