Digital Humanities (Mini) Job Fair!

One of the struggles, I think, that we as DHA’s have is the ability to convey what our work is really about and what exactly constitutes Digital Humanities. A lot of people on campus still don’t know what Digital Humanities is, let alone that we have a department here. Many people are often confused when I say I work as a Digital Humanities Associate, and I always have to give a 30-second elevator pitch about what my work entails.  With that in mind, I suggested the idea of having a Digital Humanities social/job fair as a way to expose students on campus to what we do as DHA’s. Every year there’s new students who are hired, so I think this could be a great way to motivate other students to apply to the jobs that may otherwise go unnoticed, or to at least learn what Digital Humanities is all about!

Myself and another of our DHA’s, Tyler, are now in the process of planning the event. However, instead of just focusing on DHA’s, we are also hoping to have students from other digital/tech related jobs at Carleton, such as our very own Digital Scholarship Interns, as well as Academic Technology assistants. We hope that this event will be a mini-job fair and that Carleton students can learn more about our jobs, and perhaps apply to these jobs next year.

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